5 ways parents can take learning beyond the classroom
Suzi Kuban
July 3, 2017

5 ways parents can take learning beyond the classroom

The Learner Virtue

Learning is much more than textbooks, classrooms, and teachers - it is also an interactive lifelong exploration and questioning of ideas, systems, subjects, and meanings.

To broaden your child’s knowledge, ignite passion, and develop essential life skills you should provide an opportunity for them to experiment beyond the confines of the classroom.

Here are 5 ways you can encourage your kids to harness the 'Learner Virtue'.

1. The world is the classroom

Utilise day trips, vacations, or visits to the zoo, museum, and galleries, to teach your child about history, geography, and the diversity of cultures, traditions, and customs. Encourage them to discover facts of their own to spark curiosity and conversations.

2. Learn as a family

Children will follow your example, so take the opportunity to practice what you preach. Look for everyday opportunities to learn as a family or individually, and share what you have learnt to spark conversation and open dialogue.   

3. Connecting the dots

Until the education systems adapt to a more individual, strengths-based approach to teaching, children must be encouraged to pursue their strengths and interests while expanding their learning beyond school. Give your child an outlet to follow through on what they want to do in their life. This will help them develop a deeper interest in industry, career, or hobbies.

4. Utilise technology

A fundamental part of everyday life, encourage your child to harness the power of technology to search for answers to their questions or watch credible videos. You can also use this opportunity to teach them the importance of filtering good information from bad.

5. Answer “why.”

Finally, remember to embrace the natural curiosity and wonder of your kids. When they ask why, explain to them or get them to discover the answer themselves.

The 'Learner Virtue' is part of the Skills 21 programme, designed to nurture 21st Century Skills in your child. Learn more or contact us