Sports – A Tool for Social and Emotional Development
Suzi Kuban
March 10, 2018

Sports – A Tool for Social and Emotional Development

Sports in Education

Sports is not an activity that should only be encouraged in the naturally competitive and talented. The impact it has on the holistic development of a child is immeasurable, not only for their health but also their social and emotional wellbeing.


Aravinda De Silva believes in uniting sports and education

In many ways, the importance of academic achievement out positions sports in order of priority, meaning only those with a deep connection to sports benefit from the holistic development opportunities.

Sport teaches good sportsmanship. A child learns to follow the rules, act honourably towards fellow players, and develop a good sense of team spirit. These qualities are critical for children to develop in order to prepare them for the world outside of education. With these skills, they will be more resilient to setbacks and determined to achieve goals – qualities employers value.  

In addition cooperation, compassion, and inclusive behaviour are skills nurtured through sports, often without a child’s realisation. 

Sports in education for childhood development

Nurturing a child’s social and emotional competencies while they are young will support them throughout their life, whatever the future may hold. Sports is one way this can be done.