Learning Method

An engaging 10-week programme that runs for one hour per week

Three Step Learning Cycle

STEP 1: Understanding the Skills

Students engage with weekly online modules to familiarise themselves with the 21 competencies. They complete the learning individually, typically at home, through fun reading and quizzes. The content gets progressively complex as they move through the programme

STEP 2: Using & Practicing the Skills

Students will take part in a high-energy group activity, to put their home learning into practice. Students will need to collaborate, solve problems, and create strategies to progress and win the Skills 21 game. This lively activity challenges students to focus, develop plans, and become a leader without any teacher/adult guidance or intervention.

STEP 3: Awareness of Self

Devices are switched off, and the teacher will lead the group in reflecting back on the class activity and encourage each child to share their thoughts on the outcomes, behaviours, and how they can improve.

Skills 21 encourages students to take charge of their own learning

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